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Massage provides relaxation for the body and mind, improving overall well-being.

Lymph Drainage increases lymph flow to remove harmful substances from the tissues and increases immune function.                                                                                                                      

The Olive Branch Signature Body Treatment includes a body exfoliation, hydration wrap, aromatherapy of your choice, and a Mini Aloette Facial.

Herbal Wrap includes a full body wrap and a Mini Aloette Facial.

Bellanina Facelift Massage involves a firming, lifting, contouring treatment that restores skin's radiance while it tones the face muscles.  It also provides a deeply relaxing and therapeutic effect.

15 Minute Chair Massage15.00
30 Minute Massage35.00
60 Minute Massage60.00
90 Minute Massage85.00
Bellanina Facelift Massage 70.00
Bellanina Facelift Massage   (package of 6)390.00
Olive Branch Signature Body Treatment125.00
Herbal Wrap100.00
Lymph Drainage                   Half Body60.00
Lymph Drainage                   Full Body120.00
Hot Stone Add-In10.00
Bamboo Add-In10.00
Eco Fin Paraffin Alternative Add-in15.00
Massage Flame Add-in5.00

The Essentials are just that-Essential!  Mineral infused soak, nail shaping, cuticle detailing, massage, and polish.

The Olive Branch Series includes the essentials with the addition of exfoliation & Eco Fin hydration treatments, and aromatherapy of your choice.

The Handlift Manicure takes years off the look your hands.  This age-defying manicure includes a mango hand peel, deep dermal transforming hydration wrap, skin lightening, and antioxidant treatments, and an environmental protection massage.  The package includes an at home maintenance kit.

Shellac is the newest innovation in the nail industry!  It is applied with the ease of polish, wears with durability of a gel, & is removed in 10 minutes or less with ZERO damage to your natural nail.  NO chips, No smudges, No dry time, No commitment!

Gel Enhancements are an alternative to the traditional acrylic enhancements.  Lighter weight, hypoallergenic, flexible, and odor free.

Princess Services are for girls under 12 years old.  Manicure and Pedicure include bubble bath soak for fingers/toes, nail shaping, hand/foot massage, & polish with choice of nail art on one nail per hand/foot.

Essential Manicure18.00
Essential Pedicure40.00
Olive Branch Manicure30.00
Olive Branch Pedicure65.00
Handlift Manicure35.00
Gel Enhancements40.00-53.00
Gel Fill-ins26.00
Toenail Polish Change15.00
Fingernail Polish Change7.00
Princess Manicure10.00
Princess Pedicure20.00
Eco Fin Paraffin Add-In15.00

Our Hair Studio offers hair services for the entire family, facial waxing, and make-up application.  Matrix SoColor and Redken Gels are used for color and foil services.  Kenra, Matrix, and Bedhead products are available for purchase or special order.  Prices below may vary due to hair type and/or length.

Kid's Cut12.00
Men's Cut12.00
Women's Cut20.00
Bang Trim5.00
Colorstarts at 50.00
Foilstarts at 65.00
Individual Foil6.00 per foil
Frost w/Capstarts at 50.00
Permstarts at 50.00
Make-Up Application30.00
Special Occassion Hairstyle30.00
Facial Waxing8.00 per area

Airbrush tanning is the safe, fast way to tan!  Tanning beds and sun bathing are a thing of the past.  Sunless Rayz uses an organic, FDA approved self tanning solution that works with your body chemistry to deliver a natural looking tan.

Parental permission is required for all clients under 18.

Full Body
1 Spray35.00
2 Sprays65.00
3 Sprays90.00
Face/Neck Only10.00
Arms/Legs Only25.00
3 Referrals1 FREE Spray

Get a dazzling white smile in as little as 30 minutes!  XpresSmile uses advanced technology that was once only available in the dentist office.  Our system delivers affordable, safe teeth whitening with amazing results.  Most clients see improved whiteness from 2-8 shades.

Parental consent is required for clients under 18.

30 Minutes100.00
45 Minutes125.00
60 Minutes150.00